I am an AOR (Association of Reflexologists) trained Reflexologist. 
I have had good results with clients that have come to me with varying conditions, I have found it particularly beneficial with hormonal imbalances and infertility and there are a few more healthy babies around today whose mothers have enjoyed the balancing, relaxing and productive benefits of reflexology. 
Reflexology helps many conditions by stimulating the body's own healing processes in order to keep it balanced (homeostasis) and heal itself. The main principle is that by massaging the feet and applying gentle pressure to parts of the feet known as 'reflex areas' or 'zones', other corresponding and connected areas of the body along that zone will feel the benefit. Every organ, area and system of the body is mirrored by a reflex point on the feet/hands. 
There are more than 7000 nerve endings in the feet. Reflexology improves blood circulation, improving oxygen and nutrient supply, thus increasing the efficiency of all organs and cells.It improves waste removal and elimination. 
Reflexology has been shown to be affective for: 
Hormonal imbalances 
Back pain 
Migraines, headaches 
Sleep disorders 
Digestive problems 
Circulatory problems 
Stress related disorders 

I was delighted to be asked to speak to Kathy Sykes about Reflexology when she visited Quest Natural Health Show 

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